Realtor vs TruStart Homes

Realtor vs  TruStart Homes
Video Transcription

Hi, this is Tahani with TruStart Homes. I wanted to walk you through the process of working with a realtor and working with TruStart Homes, because I know you have many questions about that and it is a little different, so I want to make sure that all of your questions are answered.

First things first, with the realtor, you’re going to have to pay a commission. There’s no way around it. You’re going to either pay between five to 7% commission. Five to 7%, that’s coming out of your pocket. For us, for TruStart, zero. We have no fees or no commissions. We promise you that.

Second, people are going to walk in and out of your house. With a realtor, they put the property up on a list, they make appointments, they make showings. So your privacy here is an issue, and it’s inconvenient. Here, we just have one. We go to the property once. My buyer, Jesse, goes out to the site, we take a look and we make you an offer. That’s it. Simple as that. We promise you that.

Third, there’s an inspection period when you list your home, and guess what the purpose of the inspection period is? It’s to point out all the deficiencies in your property in order for the buyer to make those repairs or get a credit. So guess what this costs you? More money. For us, we take the property as is, so we don’t ask you for any repairs. That’s zero, zilch, nada, zero. There’s also a financing period for when people buy your house, and what that period means is that the buyer needs to qualify for a mortgage, unless they’re paying cash, but many people don’t pay cash. This deal can can fall through, and then you’re back all the way back to the beginning. Here, we do as we say and we say as we promise. If we say we’re going to close on your house, we close on your house, guaranteed. We have never not closed on a property. We guarantee you that.

Next up is time. Simple as that. By the time you list your property, you get an offer on the property, you go through your inspection period, you go through the financing period, you’re already two months in. This time and convenience is what we can offer you. Again, we’ll close on your schedule. And finally, you get to choose the closing date. Here, we close when you say you need to close, not when the bank needs to close or when the buyer needs to move out of their house or their lease is up. You have the control and the power here. You choose.

Sorry about the chicken scratch here, but I just wanted to point out the ease, the convenience, our promise, our guarantees between working with the realtor and TruStart. We want to get as much money as we can into your pockets. I promise you that. And all of this will cost you time and convenience, and if you’re anything like me, you like to plan ahead, and so this, working with TruStart will give you the ability to plan ahead, get more money in your pocket, and get you onto your fresh start. So thanks.

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