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“I would tell anyone looking to sell their house about this company.”

“My experience with Jezzy was very good. He made the process easy for me. I would tell anyone looking to sell their house about this company. Jezzy was recommended to me after an awful experience with another investor. Because of him, I was able to move on in a smooth process.”

Paula Hammond

We Buy Houses In Four Steps!

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If you opt to sell, we can close on your house in 30 days or less.

Ready for Details?

How It Works

Now we’ve gone over the basics of our four-step process.

If you’re like most sellers, you probably have a few questions still. Here are some of the usual questions people ask us about working with TruStart Home Buyers.

  • Who will I chat with at TruStart Home Buyers?
  • What property info do you need?
  • When will I get my offer?
  • How is my offer calculated?
  • Is TruStart Home Buyers’ offer a good fit for me?
  • Do I have to make or negotiate repairs?
  • Is the offer always cash?
  • Why should I choose your offer?
  • What happens after I accept an offer?
  • Are there any fees or commissions?
  • When is closing?
  • Do you cover closing costs?

We want to answer all the questions you might have about working with TruStart Home Buyers.
Read on to get the details about connecting with TruStart Home Buyers, how we calculate offers and the ways we simplify selling houses.

Tired Landlord

Contact Our Team!

How To Contact TruStart Home Buyers. The easiest step! Call 219-232-0011 or fill in our Get My Cash Offer!

Info To Put Together Your Offer. We need a few pieces of info to put together a “solid” offer. The property specifications are helpful. Recent upgrades or renovations like bedrooms, baths, pool, or extensions may not be recorded in the public records.

Next, we learn about the current property condition and situation. TruStart Home Buyers prides itself on honest offers we believe in. Our philosophy is to only make thoughtful offers with the full intention to follow through. This means considering the condition.

Your goals are also important to us. Some sellers want to close ASAP. Others prefer a closing date further away or to stay at the house for a while. We can help resolve probate, foreclosure, tax auctions, and problem tenants. Knowing your goals with the sale lets us craft an offer right for you.

When Will I Get My Offer? Our team guarantees an offer in 24-hours, and often has it ready in minutes. Our offers are cash, as-is, and no obligations or hassles. You have nothing to lose but a few minutes.

TruStart Home Buyers Offer Philosophy

TruStart Home Buyers intends to close on each and every offer we make. Buyers and agents sometimes try to impress with “too good to be true” sale prices. Agents get full commission even if you find the buyer or they don’t sell at the price they claimed. Buyers may tie up a house for weeks with the plan to cancel unless you agree to a huge price reduction before closing. TruStart Home Buyers makes honest offers. One of our core values is Performance As Promised. When we make an offer, we mean it. Click here to read about each of our Core Values.

TruStart Home Buyers has a simple way of calculating offers.

Here’s how we do it:

Cost of RepairsEstimate Renovation Costs. Our first step is figuring out repair costs. Big ticket items include roof, heating and cooling systems, electrical, and foundation. General updates are computed on cost per square foot basis (the more required updates – the higher the cost per square foot).

Estimated Home ValueResearch Property Value. We look into nearby sold, active, and expired comps. Major points of comparison are square footage, lot size, year built, construction materials, and nearby amenities. Type of sale also matters: short sale, foreclosure, on-market, or off-market.

Calculating OfferRun the Calculator! TruStart Home Buyers has two approaches. Flips or rentals. Flip offers consider repairs, holding costs, local demand, estimated time on market, and re-sale price. Rentals offers focus on market rents, vacancy rates, and appreciation.

Of course, price is not the only thing that matters when selecting an offer. Anyone can offer anything verbally or in writing. Investors or agents often propose a “high price” – but fail to deliver.

Vetting the buyer and terms of the offer prevent wasted time.

An offer is only as good as the written terms. Relevant contract terms include inspection days, closing date, financing, occupancy, and escrow deposit. Assess the buyer examining work history, testimonials, social media reviews, and online reputation.

There’s More To An Offer Than Price

Selecting an offer isn’t always simple. The highest isn’t necessarily best. Offer terms are just as if not even more important than price. Buyers regularly make offers with long inspections, financing and appraisal contingencies, or minimal escrow deposits. What are the odds of a buyer following through, if their offer gives them lots of ways to cancel? Buyers may not have the “know-how” to complete a sale. The TruStart Home Buyers Team regularly works with sellers after other buyers backed out. Save time and frustration by considering the buyer’s work history, reviews, reputation. Click here to see our video testimonials and social media reviews.

TruStart Home Buyers Simple Closing Process

People work with TruStart Home Buyers to simplify the sale.

The “traditional” way of selling a house goes like this. Interview agents and sign a listing agreement. Work on renovations, updates, and a cleanout. A professional photographer takes photos. Your agent takes those photos and creates a public listing circulated to everyone via Zillow, Redfin, etc. After enough open houses and walk-throughs, you accept an offer. Hopefully, the bank approves the mortgage.

We simplify the “traditional” sale in three ways:

Cash Buyers. TruStart Home Buyers makes cash offers – no mortgages necessary! Sales fall apart at the last minute due the buyer failing to qualify for a mortgage. Banks don’t issue mortgages if the place needs work. Our offers are cash: you don’t need to worry about the sale falling apart due to mortgage headaches.

Experienced Home Buyers. We’ve purchased over a hundred-fifty houses in the last five years. During open houses or showings, you get “tire kicker” buyers that are just looking with no intention to make an offer. Inexperienced buyers make offers and then back-out. Our experience helps us make the “right offer” that we will close on.

Skip The “Traditional” Sale Hassles. Want to avoid the hassles of the traditional home sale process – and save six percent realtor commission? We got you covered! Selling to House Heroes means no open houses, no online listing, no yard sign, and you make no repairs or renovations.

Why Get An Offer From TruStart Home Buyers?

Why get an offer from our team? Experience. At TruStart, we are a family-owned local real estate company with an office in Hammond, IN. Our goal is to help homeowners out of the financial stress and pain an unwanted property can bring. Whether you find yourself in foreclosure, dealing with an unwanted tenant, burdened by a second home, inherited a home, facing a house with too many repairs, unable to pay delinquent taxes, downsizing, relocating, or any other reason, we can find a solution to your real estate woes.

We strive in finding the most beneficial solutions to your real estate dilemma. We are cash buyers with a proven track record of closing with certainty. If you are looking for a convenient, fair, and straightforward process to sell your home, you have come to the right place.

The TruStart Home Buyers Guarantee

Our goal with each cash offer is to provide a fast and simple sale – while still paying you a fair price. This is the very reason over a hundred fifty owners sold to House Heroes over the last few years.

What is the advantage of our offer compared to one you’d get via the “traditional” home sale process (i.e. hiring an agent, putting up a public online listing and yard sign, and holding showings and open houses at your home)?

Selling to TruStart Home Buyers means:

  •   Fair and free cash offers.
  •   Zero real estate agent commission.
  •   Sell without making any repairs.
  •   No mortgages, appraisals, or banks.
  •   Fast and simple closing.
  •   No online listings.
  •   No open houses or showings.
  •   Honest offers with follow-through.

What is a fair cash offer?

TruStart Home Buyers aims to make creative cash offers that work for both the seller and our company.

Our value is a quick closing, no mortgages, and buying “as-is”. If our offer doesn’t make sense for you (perhaps you’ve put in work and aren’t looking for a fast sale), we’ll let you know and provide whatever assistance we can.

Learn More About Our Process Here! →

As a local company, giving back to the areas we serve is very important to us. When we purchase your house in Northwestern Indiana, not only will we do everything we say we’ll do, but we will also donate $500 to the charity of your choice! Get in touch with us today to find out if a direct sale is right for you! 219-232-0011 

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